Thursday, January 28, 2010

Farm Animals

I made these for my son's birthday cake.  I can't believe he is already turning one!  I had a lot of fun making them and had forgotten how much I enjoy sculpting.  His cake will be finished on Saturday so I'll post pictures then of the finished product.  I was going to take pics while I was making them and do a pictorial but I got too involved and forgot to take pics.  Oh well.  They would make a fun class too. 
Thanks for looking!


Jenniffer said...

Even though you gave it to me, I just wanted to let you know that I am passing along a Happy 101 Blog award to you as your site always brightens my day. For more details, see my blog:

Stevi said...

Those are SO cute!! I'm in love with them.

Sweet Elegance Cakes said...

I'm glad you like them!

Jimmy Simpson said...

Good cake idea.It will help to attract chailds
Jimmy Simpson
Wedding Cake Writer

Guitar Cuppie

Guitar Cuppie
I love how this turned out. I think I am in love with cupcakes!

Ghostbuster Cuppies

Ghostbuster Cuppies

Purse Cuppie

Purse Cuppie